Thursday, December 30, 2010

What’s in your hand?

The 3rd house in horoscope is ruled by dozens of significations (from siblings to place of death, and from courage to performing arts). But hand is one of the neglected features of 3rd house. While the sign Gemini – 3rd from Aries – signifies hands of Kalapurusha (symbolic celestial man). Third house and Gemini also reveal all kinds of expertise that carry out through hands.

This write-up tries to address the hands. Classical Jyotish sources point out issues related to hand that are no longer appealing to people, for instance, use of hands in war, whether one’s hand will be cut-off by kings or not, or hands will be suffered from leprosy etc.

The fundamental thesis or one-liner is “planets sambandhi with 3rd house/lord reveal the things native's hand usually holds, uses or excercises”. For sambandha (planetary relationship), simply follow four kinds of relationship, described by Parashar. However, the relationship (sambandha) between a house and planet is bit different from relationship between two planets. A planet may relate to a house or sign through (a) occupation, (b) aspect, (c) rulership. On secondary level, dispositors also appear functioning. Say, Libra and Taurus are occupied by enemy of Venus, or natural malefic planets, then effect of Venus will automatically turn problematic and malign.

Following outcome are based on scribe’s inference from Jyotisha sources, and observation from real life. It would be injudicious and misleading to just see what planet is in 3rd house. Instead, the greater number of planetary relationships depicts a picture. If two powerful benefics are aspecting a malefic in 3rd house, then simply follow result of benefic. A mere Jupiter in 3rd house does not necessarily indicate a man holding a sacred bead (simrun) in his hand, unless lord of 3rd be natural benefic and trinal houses are domiciled by natural benefic planets. Similarly, blindly concluding that a native holds a stick or staff only on the basis of Saturn in 3rd may be misleading, unless other related planetary signature are not present. Girls, having natural benefics in 3rd house or with 3rd lord, used ornament their hands with henna (mehndi) and do manicure.

Sun sambandhi with 3rd House/Lord or Gemini

Native’s hand holds signing authority or any other kind of command. On account of his courage, he will exercise certain extent of power in his life. His hands will also produce fire and light. Does it mean that a man will always holds a match-box or torch in his hands? Obviously not. But his hands are somehow related to light in any way or in any form (depending upon the presence of fiery signs), whether he is an executive of energy sector, or village watchman having lantern in hand. He may also encounter world of showbiz for a short time. With Sun under influence of sattwic graha, he is fond of burning the lamps and candles in temples and shrines. Sun in 3rd house or with 3rd lord is a welcome condition. This yields an opportunity to shake hands with executives or leaders of any field. Sun rules over all things related to authority. He holds a card or pass that allows him to enter the exclusive company or club of elites. A powerful Sun in said condition shows that native’s hand will ring the bell of authority’s office and he will often travel with executive class. Something of gold or golden colour is there in his wrist or fingers. Moreover, his hands are good in hunting. If Sun is in 3rd house, or sambandhi with 3rd house, or in Gemini then native should leave the house after switching-on a light (or lamp or a small orange bulb) of pooja room or drawing room. (This is a totka/remedy, and not for daily routine but for leaving home for some important task).

Moon sambandhi with 3rd House/Lord or Gemini

This shows a man with sweating hands, or a man having glass of water, drink, or cup of tea most of the time (provided rasi/amsa is watery or there is a watery planet in 9th house, or at least Moon is void of fiery planet’s relation). He is used to drink water during meal more frequently than others. The man will have a habit of washing his hands unnecessarily. If said Moon is in a malefic sign then drink or tea often slips from the hands of native. But he may be dexterous in propelling the oar or driving the sailing boat. If Saturn is sambandhi with mentioned Moon then water related affairs influences his profession (e.g. fisheries, beverage, salesmanship etc.). Waning or afflicted Moon indicates that native is one among siblings who has to wash family clothes from his/her hands (this is a common astrological signature in the charts of Asian household girls). Waxing Moon in 3rd and another benefic in 9th may give not only beautiful hands but also attractive chest and hips to women (provided no natural malefic in or aspects langa). Moon yields expert hands in all watery affairs. With little guidance, this native can become good, perhaps very good swimmer (if there is not heavy influence of fiery planets on tanubhava). Don’t wonder if his computer or mobile desktop has wallpaper of river, lake or waterfall. During discussion, he likes sharing tea or cold drink, especially with women. He is fond of making and serving coffee and tea from his own hands. If Moon is in 3rd house, or sambandhi with 3rd house, and/or in Gemini then for a successful endeavour, native should leave the house after taking a few sip of water or milk (this is just a remedy).

Mars sambandhi with 3rd House/Lord or Gemini

The native will not necessarily hold gun all the time, but he may have inclination to exercise weapon in his life. He can easily become a good shooter or a body guard. Jyotish scriptures say that this planetary disposition gives fighting hands. Being labourer, he may also have hammer or drill-machine in his hand (if said Mars is sambandhi with or trine to Saturn without any beneficial aspect). In the presence of other evil combinations, he may also turn into an assassin or mercenary having arms and blood in his hands and ultimately compel to wear iron handcuffs. On a positive front, he has natural dexterity to open or fit a machine or automobile. Just think of an expert mechanic. If other benefic also sambandhi with such a Mars, then native will be a surgeon, or mechanical engineer. He may be at home in chopping vegetables and slicing meat. This is quite true for women in general, who usually take care kitchen affairs. Women of this planetary disposition are proficient in cutting clothes (via scissor) or cooking. But hands of native will definitely have mark of cut or burn.

Mercury sambandhi with 3rd House/Lord or Gemini

This is a very interesting planetary disposition, when a robust Mercury got sambandhi with 3rd house, its lord or resides in Gemini. The native will definitely be expert in any kind of communication. His hands carry pen, books, letters, laptop, computer mouse, or microphone. He publishes or broadcasts something in his life. Even a common household lady with this combination is a chatterbox and used to communicate messages among relatives and neighbours. Spreading information is the keyword here. A man whose fingers press the button (for letters and numbers), or use to turn the pages of book. This does not infer that all the people who uses mentioned articles surely have Mercury sambandhi with 3rd house or its lord. But the native of this combination will have natural interest and opportunities to exercise them more than others and with more proficiency. A typical example of Mercury sambandhi with 3rd house, its lord or Gemini, is a man who often indulges in mobile phone affairs (the widely used gadget of our age, ruled by Mercury). His fingers can smartly dance on computer keyboard and it is hard to beat such a native in board games or video games. He gathers smart amount of old and new books or sometime his house contains a nice library.

Jupiter sambandhi with 3rd House/Lord or Gemini

A man having sacred bead is an outcome of Jupiter involved with Gemini, 3rd house or its lord. If Jupiter, in said sambandhi position, be in moveable sign then native will roam a lot. His hand is always ready to press the button of play for religious songs, recitation, sonnets, bhajjan, naat, and qawwali (provided there is no influence of tamassic graha or sign on lagna and trikona). He will heed advises of learned and consultant. He will have the fortune of ring the bell of noteworthy sacred places. The laptop or mobile phone in his hands contains a desktop having image of deity, sacred symbol or temple. He will take the oath of allegiance to the hand of sage or guru. He will also carry the books on theocracy, philosophy, jurisprudence, custom and law. But this is subject to holistic figure of planets in nativity. If Jupiter is sambandhi with paapi graha, and/or planets in trinal (9th, 5th) houses are tamassic then situation will be different. But at least he will shake hand with the people of these areas (or live/interact them without any real benefit). He may also involve in writing and replying on the subject related to religion and nationhood. Moreover, native’s hand will not only help his siblings but also serve parents of spouse.

Venus sambandhi with 3rd House/Lord or Gemini

Jyotish cannons describe this position as a tight-fisted man, i.e., he is often proved miser in spending. But Venus related with 3rd house or its lord brings an innate inclination towards artistic pursuits. The native will be fond of playing musical instruments. His hands can produce beautiful melody, if he finds opportunity and environment. He has a great collection of songs in his iphone and computer directory. Another significant indication of such a related Venus is luxurious and fine articles or gadget in his hands. Usually new models of cell phone, walk-man, hand-bands and bangles are seen in their hands. Besides, he is born with beautiful fingers and appeared wearing costly ring with a gem. Being indicator of sex, Venus in said position or related to 3rd lord produces hands that are gifted in caressing and touching. Resultantly, art of his hands can arouse appeal in opposite sex. His hand often holds ‘hand of woman’ in his life: during childhood mother’s hand, in younghood spouse/girlfriend’s hand, and in old age daughter or nurse’s hand.

Saturn sambandhi with 3rd House/Lord or Gemini

With afflicted Saturn: a man with a stick in his hand, and it is true to real life as well. Saturn in 3rd directly casts an aspect over 12th house and gives weak legs (provided there is no relieving benefic aspect). That’s why Jataka Tatva maintains that native (of 12th house Saturn) holds a stick in his hand. However, this may happen in old age only, if there is no planetary signification of lameness in natal chart. But there are greater chances that native’s hand holds anything related to physical deficiency or old age (stick, wheelchair, walker etc). But in young or middle age, Saturn sambandhi with 3rd house or its lord also yields articles of labourer and servant in hand, i.e. spade, yoke, broom, brush, duster, cleaner etc. Powerful Saturn in mentioned sambandha makes one very industrious. Otherwise, his hands will carry the burdens of others. In other words, his hands do any work that cause meager or no monetary return. Obviously counter benefic aspect over such a Saturn or dispositor in desirable position does not render one a farmer, menial or labourer. But planet’s innate current remain underline and manifest in relevant dasha and antardasha. Even if native is rich, he likes to work in his garden or use to perform daily chores with his own hands.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks

Iconoclast, eccentric, elusive, secretive, libertarian, thief, anarchist, cyberpunk – whatever you may name him – he is none but Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, today’s avatar of Rahu.

After reading various interviews and biographies of Assange, my perception turned into belief that his entire life revolve around the nucleus of dragon’s head. Rahu, the demon of ancient lore who is known for stealing the nectar of gods and rendering them embarrassing. So is Assange doing by stealing the secrets of governments, corporate sectors and organizations.

A son of touring theatre runner and performer, Julian Assange opened his eyes in a small town of Australia. Various sources, including Wikipedia, Time Magazine and Forbes Magazine tell that Julian Assange was born on July 3, 1971. Yet, suggests June 13, 1971, through one of his interviews. But in any case, no definite time of birth is available; perhaps, there are serious doubts over the exactness and reliability of mentioned date of birth. The reason is Assange himself. He is so weird and secretive that he enjoys seeing others perplexed, surprising and shocked. A journalist of Times of Sunday (London) quotes “… a figure so elusive that he even refuses to confirm his age: “I prefer to keep the bastards guessing.” Isn’t the trait of Rahu? But it is impossible that Assange has no date or time of birth. Recently, Interpol (after issuing Red Notice against him) confirms his date of birth as July 3, 1971 (probably through his passport). Following figure depicts the Moon chart of Julian Assange.

As mentioned earlier, Assange born in a touring-theater family. In astrology, touring-theater itself falls in the jurisdiction of Rahu. His mother Christine, twice divorcee, has another son (foster brother of Julian Assange) from her second husband. Christine and foster father of Assange parted in 1981. She had to escape and remained hidden against the fear of litigation filed by his second husband. Consequently, Assange had a psychologically upset and difficult childhood, probably with a deep rooted hatred for father (Rahu/Saturn damn against pitru karaka Sun). This impulse might later turn into his karma of anti-imperial, anti-establishment and anti-government.

Assange also has unusual and breaking schooling. He changed as many as 37 schools and 6 universities in different cities. This is probably due to profession of parents that asked for keep changing places like nomads. Later, he himself lived a life rover (a typical attribute of Rahu sambandhi Mercury, generally in 4th house or Cancer, without benefic influence of Jupiter or Venus). It is often quoted that he can’t stay in one place for more than few days. He had an early interpersonal relationship with a girlfriend (in 1989) and had a son in 1990. But like his parents, Assange experienced short run association with his girlfriend (spouse) that ended in 1991. Later he was charged for and found accused of hacking and corrupting the university networking system. During entire 1990s he remained involve in writing software, creating hacking techniques and studying different disciplines.

His voyage of mundane success began in 2006, at the age of 36/37 (second return of transit Rahu over natal Rahu), when he founded the It is a website that virtually publishes unavailable and confidential documents through anonymous sources and leaks. Who knew until few months ago, that this endeavor of Assange would become nightmare for rulers and government officials. But in the absence of Assange’s correct birth details, discussing and foreseeing these matters are risky, perhaps highly misleading.
Fortunately, the date and time of launching of is available. In fact, it can be rechecked through host domain and other sources. WikiLeaks was first launched on October 4, 2006 at 5:54:19 am GMT (i.e. October 3, 2006 at 10:54:19 am, California, USA) with Gemini lagna and Aquarius Moon. However, in order to avoid legal consequences and threat of ban, it is now running from Sweden.

In earlier paragraphs, I did not discuss any astrological combination in Assange’s natal chart due uncertainty and unavailability of birth detail. Rather, my observations focused on various significations of Rahu that Assange holds.

But it would be interesting to analyze the horoscope of Assange’s virtual baby “WikiLeaks”. In the launching chart of WikiLeaks, Gemini rises in Scorpio amsa. For Gemini, Scorpio is the shashtamsa and unveils maligning and vindictive intention. Gemini is widely related to patrika (i.e. letters, messages, notes, books, blogs, information etc.). The trinal houses are powerfully domiciled by all natural benefic planets (Jupiter, Moon and well-associated Mercury) without any malefic association and aspect. This signature promises sudden acknowledgment due to wave of luck rather gradual efforts. Out of nine planets, 5 planets and lagna fall into dual signs, 3 planets are in moveable signs, while only Moon abodes in fixed sign. Assemblage of planets in non-fixed sign indicates continuously changing and a dynamic behaviour of WikiLeaks. In future too, the shift of subject, mood and behaviour, is quite inevitable.

But what makes this venture of Julian Assange as most quoted websites of today? The obvious answer is Rahu. The 10th house (the seat of boss and owner of organization) is occupied by chhaya graham Rahu. And more so in Pisces – the sign ruled by slept, concealed and hidden matters. Note also that WikiLeaks is a non-profit hub of confidential information and has hundreds of unidentified and invisible volunteers – again a clear manifestation of Rahu in Pisces. Interestingly, Rahu is at rashi sandhi. So should we assume it weak? Yes as well as No. Yes it is weak for longevity perspective. But it is not weak for enjoying widespread fame in an odd manner (as it is heavily sambandha with other grahas in Virgo). In mundane charts, retrograde planet or lunar nodes at the very first or very last degree reveal something that happened either first time or last time, something very odd, reverting, surprising and shocking. However, this position may also forebode short lived place, thing, organization or venture (if other factors also endorse limited longevity). The conjunction of Jupiter and Mercury, (lords of all kendras) in 5th from Gemini lagna and 9th from Aquarius Moon, makes the impact factor of WikiLeaks very huge. Jupiter and Mercury are dispositor of Rahu and Ketu. And who denies that Rahu/Ketu stands for all things mammoth, leviathan, and unlimited. WikiLeaks – having millions of secret official documents and confidential correspondence – makes it first ever venture of its own kind and impact. But (fortunately or unfortunately) it has brought forth unparallel damage to various governments (Sun is aspected by Saturn and Rahu). Because of this damage and mutual misunderstanding, governmental rules of diplomatic business may change in future. WikiLeak’s rasi (D1) is very strong, but navamsa (D9) is bit weak, as most of the planets fall in either enemy sign or undesirable houses with respect to Gemini – the lagan in Rasi (here I’m referring the C.S. Patel’s navamsa-rasi reading technique).

About planetary direction, I’m skeptic whether vimshottari dasa should use or not. The reason being the total age of any institution can not be fixed like human being. Parashar mentioned 120 years for humans on earth, and not for other matters. Instead, many modern authorities have successfully used vimshottari dasa for timing events. In fact, Dr. B.V. Raman many a times applied 120-years vimshottari for elongation of various international accords, wars and even countries. Keeping in view the authorities’ practice, I try to dig out the dasa trend. Interestingly, WikiLeaks has been going through Rahu mahadasa soon after its launching (from 17 December 2006). Look the wave of karma in the form of repeated Rahu’s influence and on-going period of Rahu. At this time of unparalleled fame, WikiLeaks is running through Rahu-Jup-Venus pratyantar dasa that will last on March 27, 2011. This is the zenith of WikiLeaks. This pratyantar dasa may also make its founder Julian Assange, ‘man of the year 2010’.

In transit, Saturn is in Virgo over cluster of four planets and opposite to Rahu. Transit Jupiter is in trine to radical Jupiter+Mercury and over natal Moon. I think, WikiLeaks or its founder Julian Assange will encounter a blow and forced attempt of ban, just after mid December 2011, when transit Jupiter will conjoin natal Rahu in Pisces rasi and Cancer navamsa. However, this attempt from any authority will augment the existing popularity of WikiLeaks. On the other hand, transit Jupiter in the very Pisces (2nd to radical Moon) will shift the focus of WikiLeaks revelations towards financial scams, corporate frauds and internal politics of different governments.

But in late March and April 2011 (when transit Sun will combust transit Jupiter in Pisces and opposite to transit Saturn in Virgo), the mover and shaker of WikiLeaks will face serious opposition perhaps legal confrontations with not only governments but also with international organizations. Reckoning from other angle, malefic transit in 4th from lagna and 8th from natal Moon is ominous. Keep in mind that WikiLeaks was launched in nakshatra sandhi on Tuesday. WikiLeak’s radical Mars is already combust in 4th house in enemy sign. Mars is in debilitated navamsa with Rahu. This is not good for persistency and durability in mundane charts.

I guess that confrontation will lead to death of present form of WikiLeaks. But the ideology will not die out. WikiLeaks will reborn with another name and with another form. Organizations or ventures with dual rising rasi in Scorpio amsa often reincarnate after sudden decline.