Thursday, October 21, 2010

A note on the Horoscope of Imran Khan

The biggest problem in analyzing the horoscopes of celebrities is the unavailability of authentic and accurate date and time of birth. Birth charts of idols, icons, players, politicians and actors are not cent percent dependable for analysis. Like many famous figures of Pakistan, more than one horoscope is attributed to Imran Khan. Which one is correct, is a big question mark itself. As far as I know, astrological journals and online sources quote four different birth data for Imran Khan.

1) November 25, 1952, at 6:45 am, Lahore

2) November 25, 1952, at 3:20 pm, Lahore

3) October 5, 1952, at 9:35 am, Lahore

4) October 5, 1952, at 11:55 am, Lahore

In above list, the last birth detail (October 5, 1952, at 11:55 am, Lahore) has provided by an online member on e-group and quoted the recent official biography of Imran Khan as source. Coincidentally, this date and time is nearer to the birth
chart of Imran Khan, stored in my personal birth data bank. The same birth date, i.e. October 5, 1952 is also endorsed by a noted Indian astrologer of London. On the other hand, the widely known and generally referred birth date of Imran Khan, i.e. November 25, 1952, is NOT correct.

Let’s have a look at the natal chart based on October 5, 1952, at 11:55 am, Lahore. No doubt, the well disposed planetary map around Sagittarius ascendant is enough to infer that this is a horoscope of someone really big and famous. Despite, I won’t consider the time of birth as cent percent fool proof. Instead, I would attempt to use R.G. Rao’s nadi methodology that does not ask for ascendant, but delineates different areas of life through karaka’s (significators’) mutual relationship (trikona and dwidwadasa), and predict the future via Sani and Guru gochar parayaya (transit cycles).

Jupiter – the jeeva karaka – is in Aries and forming sign-exchange with Mars, the shakti hastam. This indicates a man of athletic built having dynamic personality and fiery constitution. The mutual relation between Jupiter and Mars suggests a soul who believes in self efforts (sadhana). But such a native appears wasting his potential unnecessarily due to lack of prudence and farsightedness. Although, he is good at heart but often confronts criticisms and blames. Jupiter-Mars parivartana (reception) is strengthening the Mars but weakening the Jupiter.

Moon and Venus are simultaneously engaged with aforesaid planetary combination. Moon in Aries reveals an innovative and egoist mind. He is always known for performing something first time, perhaps a trend setter. Moon is sitting with Jupiter, constituting Gaja-Kesari yoga, which ensures victory over rivals and good reputation. But it is weaken due to retrogression of Jupiter. This planetary combination in dharma-trikona (fiery sign triplicity) indicates fighting urge and lot of travel. Furthermore, Moon with retrograde Jupiter shows that native will rise and shine away from place of birth (in fact, Imran Khan led many years of his younghood life in England, and later been domiciled there off and on). The Moon in opposite to Venus is a very fortunate yoga, as far as material comforts, luxuries and support from women are concerned. Venus in kama-trikona (airy sign triplicity) having benefic aspect of Moon and Jupiter, bestows association with beautiful and well off females. In fact, it is a sure signature of luxurious life. However, Saturn, and Mercury behind Venus, and no benefic ahead of Venus, reveal many illicit liaisons.
Let’s focus the karma karaka Sani. It is in artha-trikona Virgo with Sun and Mercury, while Rahu is in Capricorn. Saturn is the significator of career, Mercury stands for sports (apart from business and intellect), and Sun is the karaka of fame and authority. Interestingly, Saturn, Mercury and Rahu all reside in nakshatra of Mars. Counting from the Virgo – the sign where karma karaka Saturn is sitting – Mercury owns the 10th and 1st houses, and it is exalted in 1st house (this forms Budhikarma yoga). The native is clever and earns prosperity through sheer efforts. Saturn’s close conjunction with exalted Mercury and exact trine with Rahu suggests heavy influence of Mercury and Rahu in the career of Imran Khan (cricketer, charitable hospital runner, politician and an articulate speaker on television talk shows). Along with Sun, above combination renders the native always in news. Whereas mooltrikona Venus in 2nd house with respect to Saturn ensures financial stability in whatever field of profession he espouses.

There is an interesting planetary disposition that yielded Imran Khan two poles-a-part professions and great ups and down. It is the retrogression of Jupiter in 8th from karma karaka Saturn. According to nadi discourses, a retrograde planet behaves in two ways. In first phase of life, it yields the effect of sign and house, where it is domiciled at the time of birth. But in second phase of life, it gives the effect of sign and house, rear to its radical position. Thus Jupiter had been driven its influence from Aries in first part of life. But then after it functions as if it is sitting in Pisces. From Pisces, Jupiter comes directly opposite to Saturn and produces dharma-karma yoga. Mind that this darma-karma yoga is different from dharma-karma-adhipati yoga that is formed by sambandha between lords of 9th and 10th from lagna. Nadi canons say that Jupiter-Saturn yoga makes the native head of the people where he professionally engages (in fact, he did; he led his team, his hospital mission and later his party).
But the planetary map in the nativity of Imran Khan is not that simple. Jupiter is not only retrograde but also in parivartana. On timeline of life, the mutual exchange or parivatana functions akin to retrogression. In other words, the planets in parivartana, yield their ‘results of exchange’ in first part of life. Whereas, they give ‘result of being own signs’ in second part of life. Here, in case of Imran Khan, Jupiter-Mars exchange remained effective in his part of life, but the effect of Jupiter in Sagittarius and Mars in Aries (i.e. own sign result) has been actualizing in second phase of life. But what is the bottom line of this bit complex formation? The answer is two-way result. The Jupiter simultaneously manifests itself as in Pisces and as in Sagittarius.

Now an obvious question arises in mind, “what is the definition of first and second part of life?” Whether 30/32 years should consider as first part and later age as second part; or the entire longevity (ayush) should divide into two equal phases? I prefer the first criterion, that is, first phase of life means age until 30 years. Since it is the time when transit Saturn sojourns over natal Saturn: the first step of ‘professional maturity’.
Reckoning from birth (1952), the age 30 becomes 1982. That was time when Imran Khan became captain of the Pakistan’s cricket team and made headlines of his outstanding performance against England in English soil. But next year he had to leave the captaincy, perhaps there were lot of inconsistencies until his retirement from cricket. He was the captain from 1982-83, 1985-87 and 1989-1992. This is due to afore-discussed double role of retrograde Jupiter in parivartana. On-way, Jupiter is good in second phase of life, when it yields it effect from Pisces (7th-opposite to Saturn). But in the very second phase, it is not that favourable when it operates from Sagittarius (4th-square to Saturn).

For Imran Khan, the year 1992 turned the most memorable and most successful year of his life. During that year, he was going through his 40th year (October 5, 1991 to October 5, 1992). This year falls under the bracket of forth guru gochar parayaya and second sani gochar parayaya. Perhaps, guru’s 4th parayaya runs from 1988 to 2000, and sani’s 2nd parayaya runs from 1981/82 to 2011/12. Note the 4th house from Jupiter and 2nd house from Saturn for their general effect. The 2nd house from natal Saturn is Libra, where Saturn’s fast friend Venus abodes in a very powerful designation. If you put Saturn in Libra for result of second phase of life, then this combination becomes Sat+Ven+Jup(R)+Moon, a fortunate yoga for great achievement. Now the 4th from natal Jupiter is Ketu, sitting alone in Cancer, and the lord of Cancer, i.e. Moon is with Jupiter forming Gaja-Kesari yoga. In fact 1992 was the year, when he announced (after winning the Cricket World Cup) the mission of opening first charitable cancer hospital in Pakistan in the memory of his late mother. If you combine the karakttva of Ketu, Moon, Jupiter, and sign Cancer, you would reach the said conclusion.

During the very forth cycle of transit Jupiter (1988-2000), Imran Khan married with Jemima Goldsmith on May 16, 1995 when Rahu was transiting in Libra over natal Venus and opposite of natal Jupiter. The day of his marriage was Tuesday and transit Moon was in Scorpio! That was a very unfortunate mahurtha that ultimately led to end of his marital life within few years (though they officially parted in June 2004). Nonetheless, merely a bad mahurtha can not be a sole responsible for short-lived marriage. Actually, in his natal horoscope, kalatara karaka Venus falls in the nakshatra of Rahu, which is highly undesirable placement, irrespective of janma lagna and janma nakshatra. Secondly, there is no benefic planet in 2nd, 4th or 5th from radical Venus. Venus having aspect of benefic planet leads to parting with wife peacefully, without any ligitation.

Just turn to year 1992 again. If the transit map of 1992 is analyzed then it is appeared that Saturn was transiting into Capricorn and Jupiter was moving in Leo. Both are trinal houses if counted from their natal positions. But a perplexing matter is the transit of Saturn over natal Rahu in 1992. A student may wonder how Saturn’s transit over radical Rahu produce acme of career. In general, it gives difficulties and demotion in professional life. The answer is the presence of powerful yoga in Virgo, which is trine to Capricorn. On the other hand, Jupiter was simultaneously transiting in 5th from natal Moon and Jupiter. Nonetheless, transit Saturn over radical Rahu did yield its effect, since it was the very year, when Imran Khan retired from cricket.
Another significant year in Imran Khan’s life was 1996, when he entered into politics of Pakistan with the slogan of ‘Justice for All’. At the time of announcement of his political party “Tehrik-e-Insaaf (Justice Movement)”, Saturn was transiting into Pisces, Jupiter was transiting into Aries and Rahu was transiting into Virgo. Transit Saturn opposite to natal Saturn, and transit Rahu over natal Saturn brought him into world of politics. Yet, it was soon proved a mirage, when he could not get a single seat in February 1997 elections. A similar kind of flop story repeated with Imran Khan’s party in 2002 general elections, when Tehrik-e-Insaaf got only 1 seat in the parliament and total of 0.8% popular votes. The reason being, there was no supportive yoga of politics in the chart of Imran Khan.
First of all, Mars is too robust in the chart of Imran Khan, and more so, it is powerfully sambandhi with Jupiter. Such natives do not see political success through elections. They often get authority through wind of luck, assistance of brother, military coupe’, revolution, or political vacuum. Secondly, Saturn (significator of politics) has interrupting or say two-way breaking relation with retrograde Jupiter (it is discussed in earlier paragraph). So he will hardly get any support from masses via elections. Unfortunately, Saturn is neither Atmakaraka (AK), nor Amatyakarka (AmK) in his chart, which is generally assumed a fortunate signature in the horoscopes of politicians. Thirdly, there is no sambandha (planetary relationship) between Saturn and Moon in his natal chart. However, for the second sani parayaya (1981/2 to 2011-2), transit Saturn has been activating its influence from Libra – a sign directly opposite to natal Moon. During this 30-year sani parayaya period, he earned public support but as a famed cricketer, charismatic icon, and dedicated head of charitable institution.

The next two years will be very dramatic in the life of Imran Khan, because Saturn is completing its second cycle (parayaya) in mid 2011-12 and starting its third cycle. At the fag end of second cycle with Jupiter transit in Aries and Taurus, Imran Khan will lead or move a mass political movement against government. This will be the last major chapter of his apparently popular and active political life. However, the real fruits will enjoy someone else, since there is no potential yoga in his nativity to emerge as head of the country through votes of masses.
In his 61st year (from October 2012 to October 2013), Imran Khan will obtain a distinguish award or title from any international organization for his lifelong services. Even any respected institution may offer him honorary authority or moderation. The reason behind this forecast is the strength of Aries and Virgo (61st year falls in first house during sixth 12-year cycle of Bhrigu Chakra). In the year 2015, he will again hit the headlines in national and international front for something odd and outstanding. But in either case, he will not gain public support in elections. During year 2016, when transit Saturn will be moving into Scorpio, and Rahu into Leo, he will practically leave the on-going political activities, and start focusing other areas of life.
The third sani paraya will not prove beneficial for Imran Khan. His health and accumulated assets will see decline, though his name will remain fresh in the minds of people until his death, as natal Jupiter is sitting with Moon. After 2013, he will more incline towards, charitable deeds, children’s concerns, and public reformation. He could hardly see the time after Rahu’s ingress into Aries over radical Jupiter, i.e. after 2022.
In mentioned above analysis, I’ve not considered any astrological argument from proposed Sagittarius ascendant. If one takes Sagittarius lagna, then even upcoming Guru mahadasa (16-year major period of Jupiter from February 2014) will not be favourable for political rise, due to parivartana between Mars and Jupiter. Mars had already enjoyed the beneficence of Jupiter. Now Jupiter mahadasa will give result of Mars. Thus, rather making Imran Khan an elected prime minister, the Jupiter period may bestow him and his children fame and dignity in other areas of life, besides and change of running work environment.


  1. From: Utkal Panigrahi

    Subject: Re: Imran Khan and pakistan future senior astrologers plz plz have a look

    Dear Imran,

    You have done a great analysis but most of the analysis keeps unconfirmed and blind belief spread in 80's decade by K.N. Rao and other astrologers like cycle of transit of Jup and Sat, this is never true, transit's results are seen only and only as per the dasha promises.

    In Jup dasha, Mahabhagya Raj Yoga formed by Jup -Mars in 5'th and 1st house (lagna) will take Imran to some or other Govt post and he w'd earn his lost credibility in country, Pls note down the support extended by Sun to this yoga, Sun the 9'th lord is placed in 10'th house in conjunction with 10'th lord Merc forming another exclusive Raj Yoga, Saturn's conjunction there is not good but still it shows public support and position through election.

    Pls look at Jup + Moon - Venus mutual aspect and this will make a clean popular image there for Imran and could bring another love in his life.


    Dear Utkal,

    Thanks for reviewing my write up. But if you had noticed the analysis then you would find that it was not merely blind Jupiter and Saturn transit. I considered the parayaya first then took gochar. In fact, I attempted to apply the R.G. Rao's Bhrigu Nandi Nadi technique, on account of uncertain time of birth. Since time of birth is not cent percent sure, therefore ascendant can not be fixed with certainty. However, I do agree (perhaps, no one could disagree) that gocharphalam can not surpass dasaphalam.

    Secondly, I did mention dasa/antar in my analysis, though in the end of analysis, because of said issue. Even if we assume the given Sagittarius lagna as authentic, then upcoming Jupiter mahadasha of Imran Khan will not be as favourable as Mars (the tenure of late 1980s and early 1990s).

    When a malefic and a benefic got sambandhi then usually, malefic dasa bestows auspicious effect while benefic dasa does not yield promised result. That is why, I've inferred that his Jupiter dasa would give little favour, comparing Mars. This does not entail that Imran Khan will face any fall or degradation, but his life track will switch towards public reformation, charitable deeds and his children. I also wrote that he would also got some national and/or international distinction/award after few years.

    Nonetheless, I unequivocally denied, and still deny the possibility of success in politics, even in upcoming Jupiter dasa. In his chart, there is no definite yoga of success in politics. By politics, I mean gaining governmental authority through general elections. He has Moon as well as Jupiter in 8th from Saturn (the significator of politics), while Sun and Saturn are in 6th from Moon with 6th lord Mercury. Note that there is difference between "popularity and politics", "wealth and politics", and "honorable life and politics".

    M. Imran

    1. Do you want to review your analysis? Time of birth must be 9:35

  2. Well. Just one correction.. Allah bestows not the planets or moons!

    Secondly, I think imran is crucial for Pakistan. but according to your readings, he won't be able to become a prime minister. I hope someone better becomes a prime minister.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. @dinesh,

    I think one must correct oneself - first and foremost.

    Regarding 'non-believers', I suggest that you let something for God himself to decide and do - it is why there is a judgement day. This is with regard to your comments on 'non-believers should be eradicated'.

    Allah has said that He can forgive "Haqooq-Allah" i.e. His rights but He cannot forgive if you don't follow "Haqooq-ul-Ibaad" i.e. the rights of your fellows on you.


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