Sunday, April 25, 2010

18th Amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan

President Asif Ali Zardari signed the draft of long-held 18th Amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan on Monday, April 19, 2010. It is one of the most significant milestones in the history of Pakistan, as this Amendment abolishes defamed Article 58 (2b), strengthens Article 6, and revitalizes promised provincial autonomy.

Earlier, before tabling in the assembly, all political parties reached to a consensus on April 1st, 2010 at 10:44 PM and National Assembly adopted the Bill on April 8, 2010 at 6:32 PM. But constitutionally it is the signing of President that makes any Bill, Ordinance or Law effective. Therefore chart based on the signature of President on the draft of Amendment is taken for astrological analysis. At that memorable moment, the Virgo ascendant was rising at the sidereal heaven of Islamabad.

Placement of Saturn in the ascendant is not considered an auspicious indication for any shubh mahurath (chosen time of a good task). Similarly, the karaka of constitutional matters (i.e. Jupiter) in 6th house is ominous for promulgation of such an important Amendment. Waxing Moon is well placed in 10th house, but she is in the grip of Rahu/Ketu axis and under malefic argala of Mars and Saturn. Moreover, lord of 9th Venus and lord of 1st Mercury in 8th house is another extremely undesirable position. Summing up these astrological factors, the horoscope is not potent enough for “implementation of 18th Amendment in reality”. In other words, salient promises and proposals in the draft, viz.; convergence of power from president to prime minister, provincial autonomy, limitation of number of ministers, abolishment of concurrent list, and decentralization of power will not materialize. Beyond the curtain of compromises and national interests, on-going deviation will remain continue. Yet, it does not mean the open invalidation of the 18 Amendment due to army coupe, judicial intervention or revolution. Since the 9th house is sandwiched in between natural benefic planets, therefore the constitutional amendment will continue to exist (on paper) but without manifestation.
On the other hand, retrogression of two significant planets i.e. lord of ascendant (Mercury-R) and occupant of ascendant (Saturn-R), clearly suggest reversal of few clauses in the 18th Amendment sooner or later.

Occupation of benefic planets in 6th and 8th, Saturn in 1st and Rahu in 4th is a definite yoga for contempt of law and violation of rule. Thus one should not hope the real execution of suggested changes in the Amendment. Even if some of the clauses come into effect, they would entail dispute and mayhem among and within stakeholders.

Saturn’s placement in the lagna shows influence and efforts of politicians in making and shaping the draft. But for Virgo rising, Saturn is not a pure functional benefic planet. One of its signs (Aquarius) falls into 6th house – the abode of dispute and differences. Interestingly, karaka of judiciary, i.e. Jupiter is sitting there. And Saturn automatically becomes the dispositor of Jupiter. Both are mutually 6th-8th. Therefore the opposition of the said Amendment is obvious from judicial circle. Since there is not any trine or association in between Jupiter and Mars, therefore military will not dare to support the judiciary against government. Similarly, anti-government instance of judiciary (over this issue) will not get any favour from the masses due to Moon’s close position to Ketu and occupation of Rahu in 4th house. Yet, it will get some feeble back from bureaucracy, doctors, and lawyers. Another signature of clash between parliament and judiciary is the placement of alone Rahu in between Saturn and Jupiter. The feared conflict may seem extreme when Jupiter will get retrograde in Pisces (in late July and August 2010). But some foreign source (due to Rahu) will come forward for ceasing the differences. Since Saturn (however retrograde) is in the lagna and Jupiter is in 6th house therefore politicians say (on the 18th Amendment) will hold in the end and judiciary will have to step back.

Mars is debilitated in the 11th house of Cancer but it is quite strong in its own navamsa of Scorpio – that says might of military will remain hidden. Note also Mars does not form any direct relation (sambandh) with lagna, lagna lord, 9th house or 9th lord (it only uni-directionally aspects Jupiter). Consequently, army establishment will not endeavour to violate or plot against the 18th Amendment in up coming years. This is also true in the light of Pakistan’s birth chart.

In long run, the major change or invalidation of the 18th Amendment will happen in mid 2019 when transit Saturn will retrograde over radical Rahu in third decanate of Sagittarius rashi. Astrologically, the total tenure of the 18th Amendment is not more than 11 years. In the year 2021-22, (when Saturn will transit Aquarius over radical Jupiter and aspect 9th lord Venus) the said Amendment will seize to exist.

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