Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Make Your Daily Horoscope Yourself

Every second among us curiously read his/her daily forecast in newspaper, e-magazine, igoogle, facebook, or astrological websites. Whether we are dogmatic or skeptic, we generally have a look at “How is your day”, “Today’s Horoscope” etc. either for the sake of curiosity or fun. But we do.

However, the daily forecast sometime proves correct and sometime fails to pin point the real happenings. The reason is obvious: it is prepared on raw grounding; i.e. it is generally hinged upon 12 Sun signs (tropical zodiac). In contrast to western astrology, Indian astrology is far potent in predicting life events (whether, periodical, yearly, monthly or daily) with greater exactitude. This does not entail that western astrology is of lesser caliber or inferior than Indian astrology. No way. Western parishioners have evolved the tropical forecasting system in terms of character reading, psychological traits, and the extant of free will. On the other hand, Indian or Hindu astrologers have been focusing concrete aspects of life in terms of fate for millenniums, for astrology is a part and parcel of daily life in Indian sub continent. Here a person is more concerned whether blah blah matter will occur or not. The native beneath the eastern side of sky does not much bother psychological patterns or personality types. So is the case with daily forecast. An eastern man is often anxious to know practical questions, viz.; whether today’s meeting will be fruitful? will I talk to boss about new project or not? is today good for submitting an important application form? should I visit home of in-laws today? etc. In short, his/her concerns usually revolve around practical and somewhat deterministic approach of life.

Coming to the subject of blog: make your daily horoscope yourself. The first question arises about the prerequisite. A little understanding about the fundamental of vedic astrology and daily planetary positions are enough to forecast your horoscope, provided you are aware of your natal chart. If the essentials of astrology is Greek to you then better is to leave this write-up at this stage. Now I enlist some steps before going into detail.

What you need

1) Mark your Janma Rasi (natal Moon sign) and Janma Nakshatra (natal Moon constellation).
2) Figure out running good and bad trends in your birth chart.
3) List the gochar i.e. transit of planets for a desired day or week via ephemeris or any astrology software.

Here natal or radical Moon is considered as reference point for reckoning transit. The reason being one’s daily life is primarily motivated by mental makeup, which is signified by the natal Moon’s sign and nakshatra at the time of birth. The transit with respect to Janma Lagna (natal ascendant) may indicate an event from mundane perspective, and transit with respect to a karaka from a certain person’s perspective indicated by that karaka. But it is only Janma Rasi and Janma Nakshatra that unveil our very personal mood and level of satisfaction. Suppose, a planetary transit with respect to Janma Lagna (natal ascendant) is showing ‘happiness’, but if the very transiting planet (or another planet) does not sojourn into favourable house with respect to Janma Rasi (natal Moon) then native can not enjoy that happiness. It is the mind that enables one to feel happiness and hardship.

A daily transit can not surpass dasa and annual transit

Before going to judge the daily transit effects, it is necessary to weigh the good and bad running trends in life. This can be judge from on-going maha and antar dasas and also from on-going transit of Saturn and Jupiter. The reason is obvious, a daily forecast can not supersede annual or periodical trend. During a favourable dasa, a good daily transit manifests its full effect, while a bad daily transit feels slightly. On the other hand, during an unfavourable dasa, a good daily transit hardly manifests its promising effect, while a bad daily transit hits the native with more than its usual intensity.

Secondly, the question of what kind of good and bad result is dependent on destined planetary pattern. This innate life pattern should judge from disposition of the planets in birth chart. Every expert and amateur of astrology is aware of the strong and weak aspect of life. And this disposition surely modifies daily transit effect. Say, a person has strong 4th house, and well disposed 4th lord and karaka, then unfavourable transit of Moon in 4th house will not much hit the native. Take another example, if someone has afflicted 10th house and weak 10th lord in birth chart, then transit of Moon in 10th house (that reoccurs every month) will not much benefit the native. Following the same reason, a mixed dasa/antar with mediocre Saturn/Jupiter transits, leads to average daily transit results. This is as simple as 2 plus 2 makes 4.

Technique to Apply

What planets one should consider for making daily forecast? A general reply would be “ALL”. But classical jyotish cannons emphasize on Moon for anything related to happen on a certain day. My mentor also taught me another factor, which has proved very efficacious in my practice, i.e. transit of the weekday lord. If one is looking for daily forecast on Thursday, then analyze transit of Jupiter along with Moon. If one is eager to know how will prove coming Friday then analyze transit of Venus along with Moon, and so on. On Monday, double the weight of Moon transit or add Sun with it. In short, a day is favourable when both the following conditions meet.

1) A day is all around auspicious (regarding personal satisfaction) when Moon is transiting into favourable rasi and nakshatra from natal Moon.

2) A day is auspicious when Lord of the Weekday is transiting in good houses with respect to natal Moon.

In aforementioned rule, favourable placement of transiting Moon is widely known and undisputed in Indian astrology. Transit of Moon in 1st, 3rd, 6th, 7th, 10th and 11th houses with respect to radical Moon are considered auspicious. There is no difference of opinion about favourable effect of Moon’s transit in these houses.

The secondary consideration is the transit of Moon into various nakshatra taras. The heavenly belt of 360 degree is divided into 9 types of nakshatra tara. Starting from one’s natal lunar constellation, they are: 1) Janma, 2) Sampat, 3) Vipat, 4) Kshema, 5) Pratyak, 6) Sadhana, 7) Naidhana, 8) Mitra, and 9) Adimitra. Out of these 9 taras; Sampat, Kshema, Sadhana, Mitra and Adimitra are considered auspicious, and rest are inauspicious.

Order Tara Meanings
1-10-19 Janma Birth : Mixed Result
2-11-20 Sampat Wealth :
Benefic Result
3-12-21 Vipat Danger : Malefic Result
4-13-22 Kshema Well being : Benefic Result
5-14-23 Pratyak Obstacles : Malefic Result
6-15-24 Sadhana Achievement : Benefic Result
7-16-25 Naidhana Death : Malefic Result
8-17-26 Mitra Friend : Benefic Result
9-18-27 Atimitra Fast Friend : Benefic/Mixed Result

The transitory result (good or bad) over Janma Nakshatra (radical lunar constellation) is somewhat disputed. Some consider it benefic above for transiting planet while some assume it ordinary place. I have observed that planets (especially malefic planets) yield adverse result when transit through pada (quarter) of Janma Nakshatra (natal lunar constellation). Janma Nakshatra Pada or Charan is the position similar to the rasi and navamsa of natal Moon. Yet, there are some authorities who assume Janma Nakshatra as a favourable place. On the other hand, there is consensus about rest of all nakshatra taras and houses. JHora, Parashar Light and other software provide list of all nakshatra taras in natal chart and also transit of Moon and other planets in these nakshatra taras.

Now take an example. Suppose a female is born with Moon in 27Pi40, then her Janma Rasi will be Pisces and Janma Nakshatra will be Revati. If she is eager to know how Wednesday August 4, 2010 (South Asia) will prove for her then keeping in view the yearly and monthly trend, we should first concentrate on transit of Moon in sign and nakshatra and then for Mercury which is weekday lord of Wednesday whose forecast is needed. Since on the mentioned day, transit Moon is in Taurus – 3rd from radical Pisces – therefore it is auspicious. The very transiting Moon is in Kritika nakshatra – in Kshema i.e. 4th tara from radical Janma Nakshatra – therefore it is again favourable. So transit of Moon is completely beneficial both sign-wise and constellation-wise. Now coming to second factor i.e., weekday lord. Since August 4, 2010 falls on Wednesday, therefore, we should judge transit of Mercury with respect to natal Moon sign (Pisces here). On August 4, 2010, Mercury was sojourning into Leo – 6th from Pisces – and hence very favourable. So combining the effect of transit Moon and transit weekday lord Mercury, we will deduct that Wednesday August 4, 2010 will be very auspicious for native with optimum results of Moon in 3rd and Mercury in 6th house.

Here a point is to keep in mind that astrological definition of day is different from general practice. In all astrological calculations, a day always begins with sunrise (and not on 12 midnight) and ends at the next sunrise. So in above example of August 4, 2010; the time span from midnight (12am) to sunrise will assume Tuesday, and not Wednesday. Therefore from midnight to sunrise, the weekday lord will be Mars, rather Mercury. Astrologically, Wednesday (lorded by Mercury) will run from sunrise of August 4, 2010 to sunrise of August 5, 2010.

Modifying Factors

Above is a coarse way of analysis. With experience you will able to blend other modifying factors or catalysts and deduct refine results. Some of the well known catalysts in transit include;
a) Vedha
b) Ashtakavarga
c) Mutual planetary relations in transit
d) Planetary transit results from other natal reference points
e) Panoti or Murthi
f) Strength of transiting planets
g) Dispositor of transiting planet(s)

But at this initial stage, I won't touch any of the above modifying elements, as every factor is itself a detailed subjects. Blending all these modifying factors is a tough job and may mess up one’s transit analysis. One can not analyze and synthesize the verdict without properly using reason, experience and intuition.

About Vedha, it should not forget that it can not entirely delete the transit result. Vedha has the capacity to strengthen or weaken the intensity of transitory effect of a planet. Moreover, vedha functions only when vedha-causing planet should stronger than transiting planets. But unfortunately, this point is often neglected.

Similar is the case of Ashtakavarga. In natal chart, the dots and dashes form a nexus of supporting harmony with respect to 8 different reference points. A house with smart number of digits in SAV (sarvashtakavarga) does not mean that no malefic transit can yield harmful result there. In reality, a potent sign in SAV has the potential to abate the feared evil effect up to certain extant. Remember higher SAV points can not completely convert a bad house effect into good one. But too high or too low SAV may act as powerful modifying agent. Too low (lesser than 20 points in SAV) may mar the potential of a sign. Transit of favrouable Moon in that sign does not produced good effect, even if it is 1st, 3rd, 6th, 7th, 10th or 11th from natal Moon. Similarly, too high points in SAV may augment the strength of a rasi that an evil transit of Moon in it (especially in 4th, 8th or 12th) does not harm the native. On the other hand, various criteria of Ashtakavarga functions well for the transit of Saturn and Jupiter, because they stay in an ashtakavarga kaksha for weeks and months. On the other hand, concept of Murthi or Panothi yoga works well for judging the potential of 2-½ year transit of Saturn. It hardly amends daily transit results of Moon.

Other noteworthy modifying factors or catalysts include position and mutual placemen of transitory planets. It is known to all that a transiting planet in the sign of its exaltation, mooltrikona or own engenders a slight wave of general auspiciousness, whether transiting sign is good or bad with respect to natal Moon. Take an example, Sun is considered bad-cum-average in 5th house from radical Moon. But for a native of Sagittarius natal Moon, transit of Sun in 5th house, i.e. in Aries will not suffer the native (because Aries is the exaltation sign of Sun). However, for a native of Virgo natal Moon, transit of Sun in 5th house, i.e. in Capricorn causes quite tough and unfavourable.

But above all, mutual placement of transiting planets casts significant effect on aggregate gocharphalam. In other words, how a certain transiting planet getting favours of other transiting planet. According to this principle, natural benefic planets (in transit) in 2nd, 4th, 5th and 9th, and natural malefic planets (in transit) in 3rd and 6th with respect to transiting Moon (or any other transiting planet) boost its potential. This methodology is also taught in some classical jyotish discourses. I will highlight this topic soon as a separate article.

Significance of Weekday Lord Transit

For daily transitory effect, ignoring day lord is an unbearable mistake. Despite, amateurs and experts equally neglect its significance for daily forecast. Hindu astrology pays so much importance on this lordship that weekday order is followed everywhere in astrological computations. Seven planets owns all seven days of week, in the following order.
Sunday: Sun
Monday: Moon
Tuesday: Mars
Wednesday: Mercury
Thursday: Jupiter
Friday: Venus
Saturday: Saturn

Here lunar nodes, i.e. Rahu and Ketu are not entitled any weekday lordship. They often yield their benefic or malefic transit result on the day, in which they are transiting. That is, Rahu transit in Taurus will give its effect on Friday (because the lord of Taurus is Venus and its corresponding day is Friday). Sometimes Rahu and Ketu also give their transit effect on Saturday and Tuesday respectively.

Day is one of the prime components of panchanga – five limbs of time for daily consideration. Weekday or vaara is ruled by agni tattva i.e. element of fire and thus signifies spirit, durability and longevity of any task. Oftentimes people appear afraid of Tuesday and Saturday for natural malign characteristics of their lords. But if Mars is going through a good house then your Tuesday will not ruin, if Saturday is transiting into a favourable house then your Saturday will be quite fantastic.

Generally a well-transited day lord bestows favourable day, besides mitigating inauspiciousness of other transiting planets. Say, for a particular day, many planets are transiting through evil houses from natal Moon or casting ill aspects upon natal Moon or ascendant, but if weekday lord is favourable in transit then you will not experience much suffering, perhaps that day may prove favourable as a whole. On the other hand, if you expect Thursday as usual favourable then it will not; unless Jupiter is not sojourning into good places from your radical Moon or birth constellation on that Thursday. The
good or bad results will be concerning to the house, in which weekday lord is transiting on that day, and to the house counted from radical ascendant. For example, a Virgo Moon and Scorpio lagna native will experience all around favour on Thursday concerning profession, learning opportunities, conjugal happiness and children if Jupiter is transiting into Pisces. The auspiciousness of Jupiter will be great if on particular Thursday, Moon and Sun are simultaneously good in transit.

Detailed Description of Moon’s Transit

Following is the results of Moon’s transit in different houses with respect to natal Moon sign. For daily transit purpose, ‘sign’ and ‘house’ are considered identical. However, transit of outer planets (Saturn, Jupiter, Mars) over or opposite to house cusp (bhava madhya) markedly produce good/bad effect. But for Moon transit, it is not relevant. The gist of given description is taken from classical texts, and expanded in the light of my personal observation and experience.

Transit of Moon in 1st House

Bhagya Uday – or a dawning of fortune is the result when Moon ingress into the sign, occupied by radical Moon at birth. It will be a good day, if transit Moon is not in Janma or Vipat nakshatra tara. You will hear any good news about yourself, whether it is about home, profession, family, friends or money. Something favourable will definitely manifest. You will feel more warm and more energetic with desirable meal and clothes, especially when Moon is in Sampat nakshatra tara. However, Moon in 1st house in Janma Nakshatra (and especially on the charan/pada of natal Moon) brings inner unrest, dissatisfaction, boredom or confused mental state. Experiment it. The transit Moon stays about 6 hours in Pada of Janma Nakshatra. Otherwise Moon in 1st house leads to all around success and happiness. One feels comfortable in home and workplace. It is a good day to start a new venture or joining a social forum. When weekday lord and Sun are also moving in favourable houses from natal Moon, then transit of Moon in 1st house leads to excellent results concerning all personal affairs. You will put on new or special clothes, have facial massage, hair setting and perfume. There will be delight and satisfaction due to appearance before group of friends. Walking, exercise and meditation will surely give you special benefit during Moon transits in 1st house.

Transit of Moon in 2nd House

The 2nd Moon when simultaneously transits in bad nakshatra, hits domestic budget and one’s diet. You will find unable to take your routine meal on time, or it will not satiate your hunger and taste. If you are going to experiment any new restaurant (during transit Moon is 2nd house and in bad nakshatra) then better is to postpone the plan for next day. It will cost you high and please you least. Another significant results about transit of Moon in 2nd house, classical texts accentuate is the dhana-nasa i.e. loss of material possession. Obviously it does not connote that one will loose his/her entire savings every month when Moon ingress into 2nd house. But it will definitely yield some declining monetary trend on this day. Notice it, if you are a shopkeeper, salesman or stock broker. The promised money you lent someone will not return today. You may get a notice of delayed payment, additional charges or problem in drawing cheques. House hold women will feel anxious about imbalance domestic budget during Moon’s transit in 2nd house, especially in unwelcome nakshatra. However, if said 2nd Moon is transiting in good nakshatra then it is a good time to think about family matters and studying favourite subject. If 2nd Moon is transiting into Sampat tara then you may expect slight monetary benefit, gain and good meal with family members. But as a whole the day will be somewhat mixed. Mixed trend suffers tiny issues and home chores. For example, you are tired and need tea, but found that there is no tea in the tea-jar or fruits in fridge are getting rotten etc.

Transit of Moon in 3rd House

These couple of days is indeed auspicious, perhaps wonderful if Moon is simultaneously moving in good nakshatra and weekday lord is also favourable in transit. You will feel yourself in limelight and ahead of your colleagues and coworkers with increasing self confidence, since this transit brings vijay i.e., victory in all undertakings. It is a promising time to advance new ideas and start new projects. If it is a holiday then go out for a picnic or excursion with friends and family. Even in home, you will feel a sense of enjoying and reveling. Transit of Moon in 3rd house is a good day for meeting with siblings, cousins and in-laws. If you are a student then choose this day for presenting your project report or assignment before the class. B.V.Raman maintains another signification of transit Moon in 3rd house, i.e. obtainment of money. Definitely money does not mean here huge amount of cash only. The word dhana suggests any kind of material possession. It may be mobile phone, wrist watch, vehicle, dress etc. Say, for students dhana may signify books, pocket money and computer; for house holds it is home accessories, jewellery and dress; for businessmen it is selling goods, cash and savings; for farmers it is grains and cattle. So transit Moon in 3rd house may bring addition in dhana, provided Moon is in good nakshatra and weekday lord is also moving in favourable house. If transit Moon in 3rd house is in evil nakshatra, or weekday lord is not favourable then an admixture of good and bad day is indicated.

Transit of Moon in 4th House

This is an evil transit regarding mental peace, travel and personal comfort. A sense of unease grips one’s mind during transit Moon in 4th house, especially in bad nakshatra tara. For transit effect of 4th Moon, most of the classical jyotish texts maintain bhay which means fear. In today’s context it may connotes mental unrest and uneasiness. What kind of uneasiness is dependant upon radical planetary disposition and zodiacal sign that corresponds to 4th house from natal Moon sign. So avoid open competition, meeting with higher-ups, traveling alone or anything that may indulge you in fear. One should also avoid visiting new places and meeting with new relatives, otherwise failure and mental anguish will surely result. It is also an unfavourable transit for dating. You may also stuck in the traffic jam, or you may get late for college bus or office van. You may find a seat in bus/train/tube that is not at all comfortable or too rushy. Don’t amaze if your car wheel gets puncture in middle of the way or a taxi driver is sucking your mind. It’s all due to unwelcome transit of Moon in 4th house. If you are young and have returned home late then ready for scolding of parents. It is suggested to avoid arguing with elders. If you are household then home cleaning and chores may render you tiresome. Nonetheless, Moon in 4th house, simultaneously sojourning in favourable nakshatra, slightly calm down the mentioned discomforts. Similarly, a strong natural benefic in 4th from Moon in birth chart, mitigates bad effect of transit Moon in 4th house. In other words, these unpleasing events may happen but substitute will be there for your relief and rescue.

Transit of Moon in 5th House

An admixture of good and bad but insignificant events are indicated when Moon transits in 5th house, provided there is no planet in this house in birth chart. If transit of 5th Moon simultaneously sojourns in bad nakshatra then slight indisposition and disappointment may result. One should concentrate on routine work without having much anticipation. Engaged couple engulfs in hopeless thought while married couple finds anxiety concerning their kids, provided at the same time, weekday lord is moving in bad house from natal Moon. Avoid advising anybody today otherwise it will not be fruitful for both. Similarly, 5th-Moon transit in bad nakshatra is unfavourable for buying lottery tickets and playing betting. Luck will not support you, especially if there is a natural malefic in your 5th or 11th house in natal horoscope. If you are a student, and transit Moon is going through 5th house in Janma Nakshatra then you will notice lack of concentration and difficulty in understanding today’s lecture. However, transit of Moon in 5th house and in good nakshatra may make the day bit favourable but without any big achievement. It sometimes yields good news about friends and siblings. Some traditional practitioners hold that transit of 5th Moon does not harm mahurtha, if it crosses 15 degrees. Thus unavoidable meeting or travel is passable in later half of 5th house transit Moon, provided weekday lord is also moving in good house. But, presence of well-disposed natural benefic in 5th from Moon at the time of birth somehow suggests a good day, when Moon transits over that benefic planet.

Transit of Moon in 6th House

A fine day for all kinds of undertakings, when transit Moon is going through sampat or sadhana nakshatra tara in 6th house. If you have been suffering from flu or cold from couple of days ago, then take a final doze and get ready for work as disease will probably wipe out today. This is a favourable day for working in team. Assisting your mother or spouse in home will bring happiness in domestic affairs. This is also a fruitful time to let your house or possession for rent. Transit of Moon in 6th house also leads to success over rivals and enemies. If you are planning to practically answer your competitors then it is a good time to attack. You will have an edge over them. Beginning physical exercise and sporting practice cause good health. In fact, there are bright chances of victory in games. However, transit of Moon in 6th house and in evil nakshatra is not that much fruitful. It will be an average day with a focus on servants, subordinates and pets. But during transit of Moon in 6th house in unfavourable nakshatra tara, if lord of the weekday is also transiting in bad house from natal Moon then stomach problem, misunderstanding with tenant and cousins may occur.

Transit of Moon in 7th House

This is a wonderful time for successful meeting, mating and business, as it brings sukha i.e. happiness concerning all such activities. You will dine and dress well and impress others with your conversation. In fact, it is a favourable day, for resolving differences and disputes. Be elastic and balance, nothing will hinder you to achieve success. Don’t surprise if you receive a sms or phone from your girl/boy friend asking to have a date, provided Sun and weekday lord are simultaneously transiting into good houses from radical Moon. Transit Moon in 7th also causes good return of trade (vayapaara), so traveling for professional purpose, negotiating and selling goods prove very favourable. If you are thinking to sell out your possession, computer, mobile phone or vehicle etc., then negotiate with buyer on the day, when Moon is transiting in 7th house in favourable nakshatra. It will give you optimum return. A comfortable and peaceful travel may happen if Moon in 7th is in movable signa and beneficial nakshatra tara. But Moon in 7th in evil nakshatra tara reduces level of personal satisfaction. If there are natural malefic planets in 7th from radical Moon in natal chart then emotional impulsiveness, misunderstanding with partner and fruitless wandering may bring forth.

Transit of Moon in 8th House

Chandrashtama is generally ranked most inauspicious transit of Moon among all 12 houses. TIP: If your lord of 8th house from natal ascendant is in 4th/8th/12th from natal Moon then transit of Moon in 8th from natal Moon will surely prove worst day of the month. There will be depression, solitary and physical discomfort. Young female and pregnant women experience glum behaviour and bodily sufferings which result in anguish and anger. Dietary schedule also suffer or one has to consume unpleasing drugs or syrups. Professionals find unexpected refusal of project, opposition in work environment and fear of failure. Often there arises exchange of hot words with authority or competitors. Being student, you may experience wrath of teachers and humiliation before friends. You should avoid chandrashtama for all kinds of public performances. Besides Moon, if weekday lord and Sun are also bad in transit then you will definitely encounter failure and disgrace. In similar transitory condition, one should avoid reckless driving. If you are associated with civil services or public dealing office then there is possibility of misunderstanding and quarreling with people. Better is to follow routine work without teasing or pricking anyone. Transit of Moon in 8th house and in good nakshatra does not benefit much, however, it ameliorates evils up to some extant. Consequently, native does not confront untoward event, sudden wrath of authority, quarrel with people and down fall from position; but only feel depression and solitary. It is good to pay more attention on meditation, reading books or watching movies in home rather meeting, traveling and launching new projects outdoor.

Transit of Moon in 9th House

This transit of Moon leads to an average day with low profile and lethargy if 9th house be vacant in birth chart. There will be feelings of bondage and stagnation. Expecting desirable results from governmental sources or immediate boss is futile. As a whole it neither yields significant favour nor disfavour. But if there is any powerful benefic in 9th house from natal Moon at the time of birth, then transit Moon in 9th (over that benefic planet) leads to some gain regarding signification of that natal planet. Nonetheless, transit of Moon in 9th house, in Janma Nakshara, brings lack of concentration and inner unrest. One finds unable to focus what he is reading, writing and heeding. Similarly, traveling on the day, when transit Moon sojourns Janma Nakshatra does not bear any desirable fruits. However, in good nakshatra (mitra, atimitra or sampat) transit of Moon in 9th house does not give adverse results. It is an average day with some favour from family and friends. There may be sudden arrival of your sibling’s spouse or friends in home. Native’s father may come across unexpected assignment or visit. Western practitioner assume 9th house for travel. But journey happens only when running dasa/antar endorses it, or if Jupiter or Rahu be domiciled in trine to Moon in birth chart. On personal level, transit of Moon in 9th does not yield monetary fruits; instead it favours visiting temples and shrines. But if radical Moon be located in fixed sign in natal horoscope then transit of Moon in 9th house from own natal position follows some unseen hurdles and unnecessary delay in fulfilling to-do list.

Transit of Moon in 10th House

This is a time to prove yourself and bear the fruits of your work. A dynamic and successful day is indicated by transit Moon in 10th house. Meeting and convincing authority, boss, head, and family elder bring forth favourable results. They welcome your point of view and show their trust upon you. On this day, if Sun and weekday lord are also moving into favourable houses, then advancing appeal, request, project or new idea before higher ups never turn down. Inviting authorities in homes or party uplifts one’s social standing. Interview or negotiation with jobs causes good result. This transit also favours religious ceremonies and charitable deeds in home and workplace, if there is natural benefic in 10th from Moon in birth chart. As a whole, this is a day to show your work and efforts publically, if Moon is also moving in good nakshatra. Moon in 10th house when transiting into evil nakshatra tara, although signifies success, but without personal satisfaction. In this condition, despite appreciation and admiration, one does not feel happy internally. Moreover, if an afflicted lord of the 8th from natal ascendant is in 10th from the Moon, or if there is occupation/aspect of two natural malefics in 10th from the natal Moon, then transit of Moon in 10th house from natal Moon does not indicate a very successful day. In mentioned condition, one accrues feeble and unsustainable good results, even if Moon simultaneously moves through good nakshatra tara.

Transit of Moon in 11th House

It’s a party time. Enjoy the day with family and friends. Gracious and jazzy feelings envelope the mind of native, if Moon is simultaneously in good nakshatra. It is also a house of earnings and transit of Moon often cause good news about promotion, return of lent money, financial dealings, and profits in business. Traders find smart monetary benefits. Youngsters find gifts and messages of good wishes from friends and family. Students receive award and appreciation for their good performance. House hold women please to serve gathering of relatives in home. Oldies experience happiness from children and grand children. Encountering new friend on this day leads to lasting association. Shopping and buying causes obtainment of good accessories against reasonable prices. Even 11th Moon if transiting in bad nakshatra does not much reduce auspiciousness – it merely produces feeling of physical tiredness, little delay in work and meetings with unknown people. Sometimes unexpected delay or impediments arise if said 11th house be a fixed sign. If Sun and weekday lord are side by side transiting into evil houses with respect to natal Moon then one does not encounter financial gain or enjoyment from friendly gathering. Rather, native will just hear the news of someone else’s promotion, profit and happiness.

Transit of Moon in 12th House

This lunar transit brings forth amalgam of good and bad effect. On material and mundane plane, transit of Moon in 12th house often results in unavoidable expenses and limited earning opportunities. One should avoid shopping and buying today, since it will always incur you excess cost. If Moon simultaneously moves through evil nakshatra and in natal horoscope there are malefic planets in 12th house, then you may fall from vehicles or encounter health problem related to eyes or feet. Your cell phone may steal, or you may forget where you put keys. Don’t surprise if you get traffic challan or excess bills today. Aged natives come across fatigue and differences with children on pocket money, utility bills, credit cards, or increasing expenditure. If afflicted lunar nodes or natural malefic planets are there in 12th from Moon in birth chart, then transit Moon in 12th may lead to significant loss on account of cheat or fraud. Transit of 12th Moon sometimes yields disturbed sleeping, change of sleeping place or scary dreams, provided weekday lord and Sun are transiting into bad houses. Being employee you feel yourself inactive and bored in office. But in good nakshatra, 12th Moon transit may produce divine inclination, spiritual experiences and inspirational dreams, provided natal chart also suggests such significations. However, for an ordinary soul it brings fickle mindedness, unnecessary expenses and aimless wandering.


* Daily transit of Moon foretells the state of mind, while transit of weekday lord and Sun affect the functions side by side for materialization of events. For judging a daily forecast, a crude formula may be forms as:

Daily Forecast = Moon Transit + Sun Transit + Weekday Lord Transit
Moon Transit => 50%
Sun Transit => 25%
Weekday Lord Transit => 25%

* Transit of Moon produces good effect in 1st, 3rd, 6th, 7th, 10th and 11th houses from natal Moon sign. The result will be highly favourable if transit Moon is simultaneously sojourns in sampat, kshema, saadhana, mitra or atimitra nakshatra tara.

* Transit of Moon yields unfavourable effects in 4th, 8th and 12th houses from natal Moon sign. The result will be highly inauspicious if transit Moon is simultaneously sojourns in vimpat, pratyak or naidhana nakshatra tara.

* Good transit of Moon if coincides with favourable transit of weekday lord and Sun then it will surely make the day wonderful and gainful.

* Good transit of Moon if coincides with unfavourable transit of weekday lord and Sun then it will produce admixture of good and bad effect.

* Transit of Moon in 5th and 9th houses, or vacant signs of birth chart having ordinary SAV, indicate uneventful day.

* Transit of Moon in 4th, 8th and 12th houses from natal Moon sign, will definitely prove troublesome if afflicted Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Mars, Kharesh or lord of 8th is sitting in 4th, 8th and 12th houses from Moon sign in birth chart.

* If on a particular day, transiting weekday lord is conjoined or opposite to sensitive degree of birth chart, then Moon’s transit feebly manifests its effect.


  1. Salam imran bhai
    As usual your indepth knowledge on the subject is shown in this article. Hats off to you for sharing this technique.and for your excellent articles in saptarishi mag,You are the only true vedic astrologer in this Poor country(poor in knowledge).

  2. Thanks Ali, for liking the articles published in Saptarishis Astrology journal vol-7. But, I'm not the sole voice of vedic astrology in Pakistan. There are lot unsung kings here, and you are among one of them.

    Hope to see you soon.

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