Saturday, November 27, 2010

Away from Home – Yatra Yoga

Travel is one of the neglected aspects in Indian astrology, or at least in the available sources of jyotish. Comparing other areas of life, travel has not been paid its due importance. Whenever there comes topic of Yatra (travel), the word of Teerth (Pilgrimage) appears sticking with it. Many Sanskrit and Hindi books provide a rich amount of astrological combinations for type of pilgrimages, success and failure of pilgrimage, and even death during pilgrimage. Yet, very few yogas appear regarding travel in general and for other purpose (say, profession, education, tourism, medical treatment etc.). It is also a matter of wonder that classical jyotish sources are mute about yatra karaka (significator for journey). B.V. Raman also endorsed this fact. However, many discourses attribute 7th house for traveling and roaming, while some astrological canons also alluded 8th house for crossing the river or sea. There is a confusion about the status of 9th house, whether it merely signifies teerth yatra (journey for pilgrimage), or teerth (pilgrimage) and yatra (journey). But most of the Medieval sources of Europe, Central Asia and Persia explicitly rank 9th house for travel, whether for spiritual or mundane purpose. Whereas, there is no dispute over signification of 12th house that stands for living abroad. Being 4th from 9th house, it is quite logical too.

Following combinations are from my personal astrological diary. They are culled from classical jyotish sources, nadi works, research books, and my own observations. In my humble opinion, Rahu plays a great role in producing travel opportunities and should assume as yatra karaka. Conservative researchers and practitioners of vedic astrology may object on it. But it fulfills the characteristics of journey on practical ground. I don’t compel you to take it as dogma, but check it out. You will not disappoint, I hope.

1) Rahu is the karaka of long journeys and visiting far off and unknown places. Moon is the karaka of short journeys and visiting known places. The 7th and 9th houses shows the travel, 12th house indicates staying abroad.

2) Lagna and non-retrograde lord of lagna, both occupying fixed signs, suggest that native shall stay and prosper in mother land. But lagna as well as lord of lagna in moveable signs indicate that one shall roam and rise far from birth place.

3) Should lord of lagna be placed in 12th house from lagna, and 12th lord be occupied in 9th house having sambandha with Rahu or 9th lord then native will domicile abraod.

4) If 12th house from lagna lord be afflicted or occupied by Rahu, and its lord is enemy of lagna lord or be in depression, then native will go to foreign land.

5) If such a 12th lord from lagna lord is aspected by Venus then native will permanently settle abroad. Placement and strength of said 12th lord reveal success or failure in foreign land.

6) Lord of lagna or lord of 9th in 7th house having sambandha with natural benefics shows that native will live in foreign land for many years. It is more evident if sign in 7th house be non-fixed and any of the sambandhi grahas is the dispositor of Rahu.

7) Rahu, in trine or opposite to benefic 5th or 2nd lord, brings journey for higher studies and learning. Sun with Mercury if occupies Virgo in lagna or 10th house then it favours learning opportunities in foreign country.

8) One may go abroad for education, if a benefic 12th lord be placed in 4th house; or 4th lord from lagna occupies 9th house from Moon. Sambandh of Rahu/Ketu with said yoga, and lagna in non-fixed sign brighten the chances of studying abroad.

9) If Moon is in trine to Saturn, and majority of the planets be occupied in dual signs then one will continuously roam in city to city and country to country for the sake of work.

10) Sun or Moon in 7th house having sambandha with Rahu and 10th lord brings travel on account of professional purpose.

11) When natural benefics, especially Jupiter occupies or aspects 9th house and 9th lord resides in trine from ascendant then one will under take long journey for pilgrimage.

12) Rahu when occupies in 10th house in benefic sign signifies travel to sacred places. Rahu in trine to Jupiter, or 9th lord in 3rd house, or satva graha (Sun, Moon or Jupiter) in or opposite to 9th house brings journey for pilgrimage.

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  1. I am not an expert in astrology. I have Saturn retrograde 9 deg in Scorpio in 12th house. I have Rahu 18 deg in Scorpio in 12th house. My lagna is Sagittarius and its ruler Jupiter is retrograde 0 deg in cusp of 9th house in Leo. In navamsha I have Mercury and Rahu in Sagittarius in 9th house. I am living far away from my country of birth and my family and there is no chance of returning to my birth place to live. The ruler of my 7th house Mercury is in the 3rd in Aquarius. The ruler of my 9th house, Sun is in the 3rd in Aquarius but in bhava chart it is in 4th house. The ruler of my 2nd and 3rd houses, Saturn (Rx) is in 12th with Rahu in enemy sign of Scorpio. Sri M.Imran since you are the expert I will leave the analysis to you.