Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Saturn in Virgo and Pakistani Politicians

Saturn, the deserted son of cosmic king who ultimately turned the lord of death, is leaving the royal camp of his inimical father. Now he is entering the abode of virgins where he would stay for next two and half years.

Among traditionally considered navagrahas, it is the slowest graha in velocity yet heaviest in manifesting far reaching results, not only at individual but equally at social and political arenas.

Following are the brief analysis of Saturn’s transit into Virgo for the three significant political figures of Pakistan, viz.; Nawaz Sharif, ex prime minister and current opposition leader though out of parliament; Pervez Musharraf, former president and retired chief of army staff; and Zardari, sitting president and de facto chairman of ruling peoples party. (Here at this stage it is better to avoid prime minister Gillani and chief of army staff Kayani on account of unavailability of their reliable horoscopes).

Nawaz Sharif – End of Storm but far from Destination

Ingress of Saturn in Virgo would end the out-going stormy phase of life. Saturn in Leo proved a major turning point in his life. It was the very period when he returned from exile, contested the elections (though without decisive victory), fighting against Pervez Musharraf, led a successful long march for restoration of judiciary and facing blames of past mistakes and pocking insult. So it was not merely extraordinary but more than that. Transit Saturn in Leo caused significant for Nawaz Sharif since his own natal Saturn is staying in 12th-Leo having four major planets in trine. Note he practically stepped in the politics in 1979-80 when Saturn was sojourning in Leo.

But now transit Saturn has entered in Virgo – a sign that marked his janma lagna as well as chandra lagna. No doubt, vargottama chandra in Virgo with 35 points in sarva-ashtakavarga, is a pregnant place here. Yet, transit Saturn in Virgo will not yield him much upheaval, volatility, and agitated events especially in affairs of outer life. In other words, the upcoming political path will be rather calm, cautious and calculated. Saturn, a natural significator of politics in mercurial sign would soon render him compromising before establishment.

However, the months of April-May 2010 will bring him unavoidable conflict with government, ups and down in monetary assets and dispute over legal matter. This would be time when retrograde Saturn moves over cusp of his natal ascendant, Sun transits in 8th-Aries and Jupiter changes sign temporarily. Similarly October-November 2011 may also prove quite significant for enjoying support of alien political allies but suffering from own people and unexpected ailment. July 2012 will be another decisive period when he will confront the loss of any closed one and decide not to become future prime minister anymore. Even at that time (peak of last Sade Sati), he may practically abdicate party responsibilities.

Apart from aforementioned three short-run phases, period of transit Saturn in Virgo will be rather passive and tranquil for political career of Nawaz Sharif.

Pervez Musharraf – Rebirth of wingless Phoenix

Saturn in Virgo is bringing a new dawn for former president Pervez Musharraf. With the said transit, his Sade Sati is going to end. During out-going Saturn in Leo he experienced mass opposition, bitter taste of infamy, and loss of power and presidency. Obviously it was not merely Saturn in Leo (especially Poorba Phalguni), but end of Mars mahadasa that gave him worst result. It is like death of Phoenix (a substitute symbol of his Scorpio ascendant).

Albeit, soon after beginning of Rahu mahadasa (from December 2008) he left the country and has started gaining recognition and monetary benefit through delivering lectures before international think tanks and policy circles. But now after Saturn’s ingress into Virgo, Phoenix would reborn again. And I have no doubt to reiterate that it is written. He will return to homeland and regain lost honour and accolade, but not the power. The period after May 2010 will be more favourable and supportive for him. Despite all efforts he may not be successful to form a political party having mass support. His status will be more or less similar to Imran Khan, a lone crier without audience, i.e., a politician without any vote bank.

Asif Ali Zardari – Monkey Business may go on

Zardari, husband of late Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto is indeed a chosen one as far as luck through spouse is concerned.

Although never been a reliable and responsible political figure, equally among masses and classes, he came into lime light perhaps power in Saturn-Venus antardasa as a result of assassination of his wife. Saturn being putra karaka (PK) and Venus as atma karaka (AK) are sambandhi through bond of rashi drishti (mutual sign aspect) and thus leading a raja yoga (there also exists other noteworthy yogas too in rashi and navamsa, but this is not the occasion to elaborate them in detail). Within this antardasa, transit Saturn in Leo (2007-09), on one side snatched his life partner but on the other side gave him supreme office of presidency and de facto chairmanship of leading political party of Pakistan.

Now transit Saturn in Virgo may not be that fruitful. Virgo falls 4th from ascendant and 5th from natal Moon and possesses merely 24 points in sarv-ashtakavarga. Even panoti (murthi) rule shows unfavourable ‘loha’ effect for understudied Saturn sojourn into Virgo. Last of week of September and beginning of October 2009 (when transit Saturn makes exact square to natal Mars), he may unexpectedly confront differences and dispute with military junta or on crucial decision involving armed forces. However, the dasha of raja yoga and transit Saturn in Uttra Phalguni may not inflame the problem. The period after September 2010 bring him increasing public opposition, differences with offspring and losing grip on power when transit Saturn makes ingress into janma nakshatra and transit Rahu into naidhana nakshatra. Change in antardasa (Saturn-Moon) and inauspicious transit may also lead to losing political allies. Despite all his monkey businesses, he will remain in office until Saturn reaches Libra.


  1. A brilliant article.Congrats!
    What I felt that you used more of transits but less of dashas.

  2. Dear Vijai Vasudev Acharya,

    Thank you for appreciating the article. You correctly pin pointed that I focused more on gochar rather dasa. Bur this analysis is penned in the light of Saturn's ingress into Virgo which is the central idea. However, a complete analysis should give due importance on planetary periods. I agree.

    M. Imran

  3. A very good insight in to the power players of leadership in Pakistan. My concern is always for Pakistan's future. We must do something to change or alter the dark future with the present leadership.

    Your astrological prediction make very much sense. Although I wish that Imran Khan's political power rise, but I do not see anyone else as a catalyst of change. We all hope for the best.