Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cricket World Cup - طوطا کہانی

“Who will win the semi final of Cricket World Cup” is such an important question that no adjective can describe its real significance, provided you are Indian or Pakistani. And if you understand astrology, or known for so, then you will definitely be asked the same question by your family and colleagues, despite that fact all tv channels and newspapers are teeming with predictors and prophets.

Rationally speaking, forecasting a winner between two teams is so easy that a parrot, mouse, cow, goat, or even an octopus can hit the bull’s eye, at least 5 out of 10 times. Obviously in such cases, the probability is 0.5 or 50%, (provided rests of the conditions are same). So there are soothsayer pets and experts both on television screens and internet with uncountable viewers.

But… and this is indeed a huge but; there is an important behavioural pattern, I have always been noted. If you are an Indian parrot or astrologer, you will always speak Indian win on tv, and if you are a Pakistani parrot or astrologer, you will always predict victory for Pakistan on media. Isn’t it? Just ask yourself, or recall all the tv astrologers you have watched during couple of last few weeks. Probably this subjectivity (or ‘prejudice’ in plain language) is on account of hope and fear inside all of us. In fact, the majority of people merely desire forecasts that could satiate their pride and prejudice against their rivals.

Amazingly, in such kind of situations, all astrologers and parrots predict correctly, almost always. Say, for India-Pakistan match, parrots and astrologers of both the sides predict victory for their country. And yet, both prove hundred percent right. This is not a paradox. The secret (or good fortune of occult master) lies in the weak memory and whimsical mind of masses who rarely remember wrong predictors. But some parrots and octopus encounter violent death if they prognosticate in favour of opponent team.

I narrated the said above ‘tota kahani’ (parrot tale) of Indian-&-Pakistani astrologers to some of my friends. But they did not satisfy. They need a forecast from my end, with astrological reasoning, because they themselves know bits and pieces of astrology. So here's my 'tota kahani' for parrot reading lovers. Afterall, just like you, I am too, a ‘parrot’ with a reasoning and analytical faculty. (:-

Two arch rivals for over six decades will face each other in the battlefield of Mohali on Wednesday March 30, 2011. I follow sidereal zodiac, and usually accentuate fundamentals. The day lord Mercury is at the initial cusp of Aries, while Moon moves in last amsa of Capricorn and first amsa of Aquarius. Winning a fight is greatly dependent upon 8th house, at least Parashar and Varahamihira say so in their discourses. Aside from all conditional and auxiliary astrological factors, a special planetary disposition caught my attention. On the day of match, the transit Rahu will be at 03*36 Sagittarius, and Mars will be at 03*46 Pisces. This is a strange coincident that Indian radical Moon (15-August-1947) lies at 03*59 Cancer. Hence, it is mutual 6th-8th relation between radix Indian Moon and transit Rahu, and 5th-9th relation between natal Indian Moon and transit Mars. At positive front, transit Jupiter is at very beneficial placement for India. Nonetheless, Jupiter will remain combust on 30th March, and be further weakened by opposition of transit Saturn-R.

As a result of Rahu, Mars and daylord Mercury placement, there will anguish, angner, and ill fortune for India audience, despite the fact that Indian players will do their best. In short, India will loose semi final against Pakistan. The ill fortune would befall upon host team India, due to any miscalculation or loosing nerves. There may also occur disagreement on disputed umpire decsion. What else you
can expect from dramatic movement of Mercury.

Mercury at the entrance of Aries and its soon retrogression also indicate exchange of heat and hot words during game between India and Pakistan. The world cup madness will cool down in India with blame-game on and from players, as soon as Mercury turns retrograde and re-enters in its debilitaion sign Pisces on April 1st, 2011.

If you are an Indian reader of this blog then obviously you will take this reading flawed, faulty and partial prediction. But if you are a Pakistani reader then definitely you will consider this divine, meaningful, and classic forecast. Conversely, if I were Indian then other way had happened. In either case, you are right. (:- Because, you are a cricker lover, and lovers do not heed mind.

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