Monday, April 4, 2011

Cricket World Cup طوطا کہانی

--- In, "M. Imran" wrote:

Congratulations all to all Indian cricket lovers... and astrologers who predicted India win.

But, on the other side of border, almost all forecasts were in favour of Pakistan. Probably, due to emotional and preoccupied mindset, we all South Asians cricket fans hold.

Like all Pakistani astrologers, my (subjective) forecast also went WRONG for Pakistan. Hahahaaa. And being an honest astrologer I admit it without any EXCUSE. Obviously there could be many ifs and buts. But we should all admit our limited understandings. No astrologer could be right all the time and occasions.

Today, India really played well, and outshined Pakistan. And this is NOT merely a matter of LUCK, but the efforts of Indian players.

Good luck to Indian cricket team,
and better luck for future of Pakistani team.


M. Imran


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No doubt it was a good match, but was missing emotion & passion of other WC
encounters of 92, 96, 03 especially the passion of Javed Miandad, Aamir Sohail

What worries me is so many dropped catches, not strong batting display of PAK
players, was this match fixed ? or due to internal politics of PAK players, the
whole plot was lost ? We cant rule out this angle.

As a Indian Cricket Fan, At the end of day, I am happy Indian team a better side
won the match.

Good Luck to team India for finals.



--- In, "rohinicrystal"

Mr. Imraan,

Perhaps this is why astrologers do not touch horoscopes of family loved ones,
just as surgeons do not operate upon their family members! Both those that they
love, and those that they do not ;-)

Love, Light, Seriously!!



--- In, "M. Imran" wrote:

Dear Rohiniranjan jee,

Absolutely right. The reason is predictors' preoccupied mind by hope and fear.
We all - as human on earth - have some sort of emotional attachments (Venus)
that hinders foresight and forecast(Jupiter).

M. Imran


Dear Mr Imran,
I had calculated winning of Indian team in yesterday's semi final world cup, on the basis of mundane astrology, by considering the Capricorn sign as ascendant of India and the planetary position, as Moon was in capricorn sign at the start of the match and then at 1630 hrs moon transit in aquaris sign, both are ruled by saturn, and the lord of 11th sign i.e. scorpio Mars is in third house, the combination of major planets, like Sun, Mars, Jupiter in 3rd house which is considered as Energy to fight against the situation called Parakram sthan, all these planetary position given result of winning indian team.
with best wishes,



dear friends

there are many acts of divination through which an outcome of an event is
predicted and astrology is one such and all different ways of prediction have
half chance of their prediction coming true.

the four or five catches dropped by pakistan and the luck of sachin were the key
for winning this match, if i were to make a hindisight analysis. it was a
different thing though that most indians across india were panicky when sachin
was at 80 plus fearing that he may score a century and prove the MYTH of losing
the match. when sachin was out, almost all indian cricketlovers (including the
believers of a sachin century ends in losing the match) were relieved and have
become more confident of winning the match. so, sachin did help india win the
match for right reasons and for wrong (mythical) reasons as well.

with best wishes and blessings
Pandit Arjun


On Fri, 4/1/11, Meeraj wrote:

This is what you r interested and asking for?
Dear Shri Sunil Ji,

It is an understandable curiosity as the host team/temas reached finals.Then the game of cricket is less a gamble and more a strategy and plant to outwit the opponents.In this area India seems to be seen from prashna chart based on mail.Iam not sure of other members interest in this perspective what however seems to be the lagna is a adhomukha and fixed sign of taurus raising in Rohini nakshtra of Moon..As lord of 3rd Moon is in 10th from lagna and in shadashtaka from it's own sign.with no malefic aspects to make worse the situation for the home country.

Moon in rahu in Rahu's nakshtra in saturn sign kumba will act as saturn.In 10th it has to signify a collective approach and bonhomie between the players.venus as lagna lord and as 6th lord(also 9th lord from rasi) has to give that edge to India.Vargottama in Kumbha Moon happens to position in 9th in navams. The navamsa position as well 7th house from lagna.the dispaly of high emtions between opponent players may come in the way for working out a startegy and over come the host team-India.

The stakes by way of monetary gains are very high.Ketu in 2nd from lagna and 5th from rasi dispositor mercury as lord is in ketu's own nakshtra and in 4th from moon and 12th from lagna.Lucky 11th lord aspecting Ketu in 2nd raises expectation financially and India placed better to get rewards by the win.

If the match is a drab and no fire works to keep spectators in tense,the players can focus on their skills and work for a win mainly Inidan players.

Mr Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina and Tuvaraj may get opportunities to prove their skills and expected to contribute to see India Victorious.The match being played in Mumbai, West coast of India is ideal for good tactics and India with better plans is supposed to do well.

Vattem Krishnan

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