Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Asif Ali Zardari - Birth Chart

Today, one of my astrologer friends asked for birth chart of the President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari. Like many politicians, Zardari does not have unique birth horoscope. Official documents, biographies, family sources and astrologers’ speculations give different birth date and time.

Here, I am providing some of available birth details that are attributed to Asif Ali Zardari.

1) July 26, 1954 at 3:35 am, Nawabshah, Sindh, Pakistan

2) July 23, 1954 at late night, Nawabshah, Sindh, Pakistan

3) July 27, 1953 at early dawn, Nawabshah, Sindh, Pakistan

4) July 26, 1955 at 1:00 pm, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

5) July 26, 1955 at unknown time, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

6) July 21, 1956 at mid day, Nawabshah, Sindh, Pakistan

On the basis of family sources and late domestic servants, I follow and recommend July 26, 1954 at 3:35 am. Mr. Zardari was born in a small ancestral village of Nawabshah district, Sindh. He was neither born in Karachi nor in Lahore, as some astrologers believe without evidence. July 26, 1954 late night birth endorses most of his life pattern and events. Moreover this is the only birth detail that makes match with his deceased wife Benazir Bhutto. Following is the birth chart of Asif Ali Zardari.

Gemini lagna is associated with Jupiter and Mercury, who are in dikbala (directional strength). This makes the native highly fortunate and man of worldly wisdom. But direct aspect of Rahu and Mars on this yoga indicates corrupt intelligence and shrewdness.

Lord of 10th Jupiter is aspecting exalted lord of 9th Saturn. This sambandha is a dharma-karma raja yoga. Lord of lagna Mercury joining Jupiter adding strength to this yoga. Most of his mundane achievements are spanning over Jupiter and Saturn mahadashas.

Lagna is sandwiched in between Moon and Sun. Both are alone. This produces bandhan yoga or combination of imprisonment. Such a native confronts house-arrest or usually visit jail/hospital. This factor is further enhanced by aspect of 6th lord Mars on lagna and lagna lord Mercury.

Moon is quite powerful in Taurus rashi and Rohini nakshatra. This lunar placement also reveals fertile, pragmatic and stubborn mindset. But Moon as lord of 2nd in 12th house, gives shadowy means of earning and assets in foreign countries. Powerful natural benefics Mercury and Jupiter in 2nd from Moon constitute sunapha yoga that promises gain of wealth and luxurious living as the age of native advances.

Sun is placed at the cusp of 2nd house as the dispositor of Venus. This foretells that native pays much significance to wealth and family. Sage Bhrigu says such a native earns from raja and rajya (governmental officials and bureaucrats) but loose his wealth from these very sources. Aspect of Mars and Saturn upon 2nd Sun also suggests that some of his wealth would surely destroy on account of governmental actions and charges. This is also not a good disposition for strong eyesight. He wears eye glasses.

Father of Zardari was long-lived (died at age 81). Lord of 9th house Saturn is in moveable sign (Libra) in 5th house, while 9th house is aspected by Jupiter. The naisargik karaka of father Sun is also domiciled in moveable rashi. Fortunately there is no malefic planet in 4th house. Note that malefics in 4th house reduce father’s age, not the mother’s. Because 4th house is the 8th from 9th house. So Zardari’s father enjoyed long lease of life.

Father of Zardari was landlord and associated with cinema business. Lord of 9th is in 5th house in Libra, while 9th house is fully aspected by Venus. Sun, sandwiched in between natural benefics i.e. Jupiter and Venus shows wealthy and influential father.

Zardari could not complete college and university education. 4th house stands for obtaining academic degrees and formal education. Here 4th house is empty, but its lord Mercury is about to conjoin Ketu. Mercury is also opposite to retrograde Mars. These two planetary combinations usually interrupt education before completion. It is another matter that 5th house (buddhi-sthana) shows political prudence in Zardari’s chart due to occupation of exalted Saturn.

Zardari has had special interest in horse riding and other equestrian games. According to family sources, Asif Zardari used to play with and ride on wood-horse in his childhood. After marriage, he made and maintained some horse stables. This penchant is indicated by Moon’s rashi dispositor Venus, sitting in 4th house (Leo) from Moon chart. Moreover, Jupiter’s very close conjunction with lagna lord also gives interest in horses. Navamsa of lagna in Sagittarius further fortified this interest.

Venus in 3rd house has made younger sister of native educated and respected. His sister Faryal Talpur became a parliamentarian in Saturn-Venus antardasha. His another sister is a doctor. Interestingly, he has two sisters but no real brother. Brathru karaka Mars is retrograde with Rahu. Lord of 3rd house is in even rashi, even navamsha and even drekkaNa, while 3rd house Leo is solely occupied by feminine planet Venus.

Zardari married with a lady of highly influential and affluent political family. Lord of lagna Mercury is in close conjunction with 7th lord Jupiter, while Venus (the karaka of spouse) is in Leo rashi and Libra navamsha. Moreover, Upapada Lagna (UL) is also in royal sign Leo with Venus.

Zardari and his wife (Benazir Bhutto) never had amiable and sustainable marital relationship. 7th house is very afflicted. Rahu and retrograde Mars are occupying there having full aspect of Saturn. However, full aspect of Jupiter and Mercury on 7th house, secured the couple from humiliation of divorce and domestic differences.

Benazir – the wife of Zardari – died in an assassinated attack, quite far from home town. Zardari is a mangalik and anyone can guess the curtailed longevity of spouse from afflicted 7th house. 6th lord Mars with Rahu in 7th house having full aspect of Saturn yield unnatural death. His wife Benazir killed in the antardasha of Venus – the karak of 7th house.

Zardari has or will have differences with own children. Saturn though exalted, but in 5th house gives sorrow on account of son. It will not prolong or become public due to aspect of Jupiter on 5th house and Saturn. Nonetheless, Jupiter, in opposition with Rahu and Mars, produce suffering on account of weird, disobedient and accident-prone children.

The 2nd house of Zardari is under three malefic planets. Sun is sitting in 2nd house whereas Mars and Saturn are throwing their special full aspect on 2nd house. On the other hand, 2nd lord is in 12th house. This evil confluence is bad for 2nd house significations. As a result, he may tell a lie, speak harshly to the near and dear ones, argue falsely, eat prohibited or controlled diet and always in fear of losing accumulated wealth.

Jupiter mahadasha gave Zardari many favourable events, including marriage with an ennobled lady, birth of children and various ministerial positions and membership of parliament. Jupiter mahadasha spans from July 1983 to July 1999. All the events are self-explanatory.

Jupiter mahadasha also caused many corruption charges upon native, house-arrests and detentions. Since Jupiter is in between bandhan yoga formed by Sun and Moon, and opposite to 6th and 11th lord Mars.

From 1999, Saturn mahadasha has brought Zardari many new vistas. Initially this period gave him release from political rivalry, off-and-on detention and court cases.

Most fateful yet fruitful period in Zardari’s life was Saturn-Venus (May 2006 to July 2009). This antardasha gave death of wife. Resultantly, he became co-chairman of people’s party and ultimately president of country.

At the time of Benazir’s death (Dec. 27, 2007), Saturn was transiting over natal Venus of Zardari, Jupiter was transiting over 7th house Sagittarius while Mars was transiting exactly on cusp of Gemini lagna.

He assumed the office of President of Pakistan on September 9, 2008 in Saturn-Venus-Saturn pratyantardasha (sub-sub period). Both Saturn and Venus are functional benefics with respect to Gemini lagna and Taurus Moon. Venus in 4th from Moon gave singhasan (throne) and all material luxuries of life.

Saturn-Sun antardasha (July 2009 to June 2010) led to resistance from opposition parties, national financial crises, reopening of corruption charges, NRO and court cases. Why? Sun – the rajya karak is under 10th aspect of mahadasha lord Saturn and both are natural enemy. Moreover, Sun is also under 8th aspect of Mars.

Saturn-Moon antardasha (June 2010 to January 2012) was relatively stable and calm period for the pomp and power of Zardari. Despite many ups and down he remained in his office without any major setback. Only Osma’s hideout and killing operation on May 2nd, 2011 was a major blow, when all the planets were in 10th house (Pisces) from lagna and retrograde Saturn was transiting in Virgo. This event ultimately led to rift with army. Moon’s antardasha, however, sitting in 8th from mahadasha Saturn, did not snatch power of presidency because Saturn is too strong. He also fell ill and hospitalized in Dubai, in the end of Moon’s antardasha, because Moon in placed in 12th from Gemini lagna.

Hakim Ali Zardari, father of Asif Ali Zardari, died on May 24, 2011 after long illness. Asif Ali Zardari was going through Saturn-Moon antardasha at that time. In transit, Saturn was retrograde in Virgo, Jupiter was in Aries while Rahu was in Sagittarius.

Zardari is now running under Saturn-Mars (January 2012 to March 2013). This antardasha first of all caused the peak of differences and then end of rift with army and military-establishment (karaka Mars). Secondly, it again highlighted the murder case of his assassinated wife (Mars in 7th house). Recently, it gave him promising result of Senate elections. But, Mars is retrograde and sitting with enemy Rahu in 7th house. It will bring many ups and down in career and lot of inland wandering and international travelling. He will rather turn rash and dictatorial in this sub period. He will make reforms in the institution of army and intelligence agencies. Any of close friend (Mars as 11th lord) may encounter accident or criminal charges (Mars is with Rahu in Sagittarius). In this antardasha, May to August 2012 will prove important period with many seesaw transit of outer planet. Any hasty mistake or dispute with court or army may infiltrate opposition against him. He will either announce general elections in the said quarter. He may also confront any assassination attempt. He will also face blame from coalition political partners and military junta. Mars owns 11th as well as 6th house. He will face disloyalty and dispute from his own allies and friends in Saturn-Mars antardasha.

He will loose his pomp and power as transit Rahu enters Libra in December 2012. Libra is the sign where current mahadasha lord Saturn is occupied. The end of Mars antardasha will bring chaos and increased terrorist activities in the county. The last quarter of 2012 and first quarter of 2013 will be full of political chaos and disturbance at national level.

It is almost impossible that Asif Ali Zardari could continue his presidential tenure after 2013 or re-elect in Saturn-Rahu antardasha (March 2013 to January 2016). He will probably leave the country and live a life of self-exile in said Rahu antardasha.


  1. On Saturday March 17, 2012, President Asif Ali Zardari addressed to the joint session of Parliament of Pakistan. As he stood up for the speech, his chair suddenly fell down. This is very unusual and strange event. On this ominous occasion, the weekday and hora both ruled by Saturn, who is nowadays retrograde and transiting in zodiacal sign Libra. Esoterically speaking, it is a bad omen (shagun). There is branch of astrology called Nimitta that is used to interpret omens, symbols and sudden events. In the said perspective, falling down chair of Zardari is evil signature for his sustainability of presidential office. I guess, he may not be able to chair again the joint session of parliament next year, perhaps the the year 2012 would prove quite bad for his office and health in general.

  2. You are a very good astrologer. Good analysis. Moon exalted in 12th gave Mr. Zardari imprisonment and life behind bars. I have Saturn (retrograde) and Rahu in Scorpio in 12th house. Even though they have exiled me abroad I am always afraid of being imprisoned for one reason or another. I am paranoid. My lagna is Sagittarius. My Moon is in Pisces and is combust the Sun in 4th house. Sun is in 3rd. Jupiter is retrograde in Leo, 0 degrees in cusp of 8th and 9th. Mars is in 1st, Mercury is in 3rd, Venus is in 5th. I am very careful in my activities as I don't want to land in jail. What do you think?