Monday, May 28, 2012

Yousuf Raza Gillani and Future of His Govt

Note: This is a reply of an email to my astrologer friend who eagerly wants to know future of Pakistan's Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani. In April 2012, I clearly told him that Gillani's government would  not abolish, despite significant transitory change of Jupiter and Saturn. Given email is the follow-up of my last conversation to him.

Dear ########,

After spending hours of deep astrological analysis, I have arrived at following conclusions about future of sitting Gillani government.

1) Yousuf Raza Gillani will not step down from the post of prime minister in coming months. At least not before October 2012. I know this is against the wills and wishes of most of the impatient clairvoyants and analysts, but this is what I foresee. PM Gillani will remain in office for few more months, and I have no doubt in reiterating this unequivocally. Although, Mr. Gillani is going through quite tough transit (like Ketu conjoining natal ascendant and Jupiter and Venus are moving in 6th from natal Moon), but neither natal chart of Pakistan, nor oath-taking chart of prime minister Gillani clue fall of his government.

2) However, during last week of June 2012, especially in between 25 to 28 June, country's political chaos will be at peak. Once again the news papers and media will abuzz with rumours of falling government. Concluding day of June will have some interesting planetary move, including end of Saturn's retrogression, and end of Venus retrogression. In Gillani's chart, Saturn is occupied in 5th house Virgo, while Venus is his current antardasha lord. Rather end of Gillani's government, the last week of June 2012 will cause (a) breakup or sour relationship with current national political allies in parliament, (b) betterment in freezing foreign-relationship with USA, (c) some significant decision about election campaign or election-commissioner, and (d) any new legal charge and/or scandal related to son(s) of Gillani.

3) Then comes August 4, 2012, when Saturn will (once again) ingress into Libra. Just after entering Libra, transit Saturn will form trine-aspect with Gillani's natal Rahu. During last week of August, there will be exact trinal-aspect between transit Saturn and natal Rahu of Gillani. Moreover, Libra is the 6th house from Gillani's Taurus ascendant, where natal Mars is sitting. So in general Saturn's ingress into Libra is not good for Gillani. He will face severe resistance from opposition and later from military junta as well. But in short, the month of August will not bring the news of falling of Gillani's government.

4) The first week of October 2012, will make a decisive planetary disposition that will lead to end of prime minister Gillani's government. One of the most important planetary position is the start of Jupiter's retrogression. However, Jupiter retrogrades every year, but this time, it will retrograde on 21st degree of Taurus. This is the the exact position where Gillani's radical Venus is placed. Apparently, both are natural benefic planets, but in reality both are enemy. In addition, in Gillani's natal chart, Jupiter and Venus are sitting in dwir-dwadasha (i.e. 2nd-12th) to each other. Secondly, this retrogression will happen in 6th house from natal Moon. Therefore leaving the government office seems quite obvious. On dasha table, the month of October 2012 becomes Rahu-Venus-Jupiter. Rahu in 10th house in Aquarius is a raja-yoga karaka. Venus, although abodes in Taurus lagna is quite weak due to dispositor of retrograde Mars. Whereas, Jupiter in 12th house is domiciled opposite to Mars(R). In short, PM Gillani will step down in the first week (probably on 6th) of October 2012. Since, Jupiter and Venus both are naturally benign planets, and in transit Jupiter will be at Kshema-nakshatra-tara, therefore no one (whether judiciary or military) will oust him. He will legally leave the prime minister office will full respect and regard.


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  2. You are a very good astrologer. Good analysis. Moon exalted in 12th gave Mr. Zardari imprisonment and life behind bars. I have Saturn (retrograde) and Rahu in Scorpio in 12th house. Even though they have exiled me abroad I am always afraid of being imprisoned for one reason or another. I am paranoid. My lagna is Sagittarius. My Moon is in Pisces and is combust the Sun in 4th house. Sun is in 3rd. Jupiter is retrograde in Leo, 0 degrees in cusp of 8th and 9th. Mars is in 1st, Mercury is in 3rd, Venus is in 5th. I am very careful in my activities as I don't want to land in jail. What do you think?